Meanjin Boogie-Woogie

Meanjin Boogie-Woogie utilises the prominent location of Brunswick and Berwick streets in Fortitude Valley to highlight the art galleries of Meanjin/Brisbane to anybody who passes. Referencing the classic Piet Mondrian painting Broadway Boogie-Woogie (1942), the work utilises the same colour scheme to represent each gallery on the map depending on the type of gallery; red dots denote commercial, blue denotes artist-run/collectives/community spaces, and grey denotes institutions, such as art museums and university/organisation-run galleries. These dots show the approximate location of each space.

Providing a complete list of spaces with the work was an important consideration as it allows us to fully understand these art spaces which operate as of April 2022. It also allows for anybody curious to easily search up and become more engaged in art. The Visual Arts sector is precarious in nature, galleries come and go each year, this work aims to exist as an archival document of these art spaces in Meanjin/Brisbane.