Photo of Amelia editing this page right now, visibly tired & getting old!!

Amelia McLeish is a contemporary visual and sound artist, administrator and researcher based in Meanjin. She is currently on the board of Outer Space, helps run Wreckers Artspace (downstairs) and is one third of Brisbane Visual Arts Advocacy (BVAA). Amelia's work examines the role of community within her local visual arts ecology of Meanjin/Brisbane. She produces work utilising a 'post production' methodology which appropriates, parodies and utilises mass media, culture and collectibles in order to contextualise the art and artists of her region. Notable examples include Collectible Trading Cards (2021) which featured 80 artists as part of the project and distributed freely to the public. Additionally, she maintains a strong personal archive of exhibition ephemera, which she has previously displayed as part of her Master's exhibition Labour of Love (2021).

Although she hasnt done anything significant recently, she is very much still active in the sector, working behind the scenes on exhibiting the works of others. 

For any enquires please contact