Amelia McLeish is an emerging interdisciplinary artist whose practice investigates the function of the art institution, the culture surrounding art and how we perceive space. These concerns are examined through the use of sculpture, installation, sound and participation. McLeish examines the function of art museums and the commercial space to reveal how these spaces represent our contemporary culture. In the physical form, Amelia utilises humour in conjunction with participation to develop a deeper audience engagement in her work. Her sound art aims to entrench the viewer in noise in order to create a heightened awareness of the sounds which make up a space and may of become accustomed too, renewing the space for the listener. Her participatory work often subverts the commercialisation of art by prividing the spectator/participant a piece of art; Which aims to create a moral dilemma, if the work is totally removed nobody else will enjoy it but contradictory the work is the participant taking the work away.

Amelia is currently studying a Master of Philosophy at Queensland University of Technology where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with Distinction) in 2019. She is currently a co-director of Nextdoor ARI and an ARI organiser of Wreckers ArtSpace.

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