I’m Sure They’ll Be Okay, or Atleast I Hope So… (2019)

I’m Sure They’ll Be Okay, or Atleast I Hope So... (2019) Is a site specific sound art performance which utilises field recordings, found sounds and synthesisers. In this work Amelia utilises quadrophonic stereo arranged speakers that are placed around the audience. Depending on which speaker the listener is sat closest too changes their experience of the performance, this creates a unique performance as some may hear elements clearer than others. Opening up like a traditional ambient based performance, the listener is lulled into a sense of comfort which is replaced with feedback loops and odd sounds. Field recordings are employed as both a guide and conceptual basis which builds off of the ideas of sound artists such as John Cage and movements such as Fluxus. McLeish appropriates the aesthetics of traditional musical performance to emphasise the ongoing symphony which permeates the everyday.

This work was an of-the-moment performance which aimed to blend in the sound occurring outside of the IMA and the performance. Because of this there is no official documentation of the performance.

The field recordings used in this project were recorded at the IMA during a similar time of day and were later made available unedited.

Im Sure they'll be okay.mp4